El Mehdi Chokri
I called this guy he’s from LA and come all the way to San Marcos, he’s was very professional and fixed my bike very good I really appreciate he’s work I will call him next time for sure thanks hitch.
Calvin Duong
Amazing service to say the least!! Hitch took my bike for a quick ride to diagnosis my baby. He then listed out the things that he would recommend fixing and why. He was very knowledgeable handled my bike as if it was his own. I highly recommend his monthly services because it is a steal!!! The best thing about it is that your bike is ready within a couple of hours, if not less.
Twesh Deshetty
My experience with Hitch was top class. He was very communicative and took the time to understand the various issues. He spent time and has spectacular attention to detail. He took my bike to a pro-level bike in a short amount of time. I highly recommend hitch.
Giacomo Giuliani
I’ve been to this shop to have a complete check on my almost 10 years old bike. The mechanic, Hitch, did incredible work with accuracy in detail. Now riding is really smooth, and it feels like I have a new bike. Highly recommend!
Simon Stephenson
Amazing! Hitch is brilliant. He knows his stuff incredibly well, and will take care of your bike as if it his own. His mobile van is better equipped than many shops - including with parts - and after his service on it my bike now runs far better than it did even when it was new. He also gave me a ton of useful advice, hints and tips, and was just a joy to recommend with. If you get the chance to have Hitch work on your bikes - take it, you won't be disappointed!
Davey Sarantos
Hitch has kept my beautiful race bike primed and race ready at all of my races this season. My BMC has taken me to new levels with his care and attention to service. Friendly and charming demeanor.
Johann Magana
It was great to hear that Hitch started his own mobile bike shop. A genuine, knowledgeable and humble friend of mine. During one of my races, I was involved in a crash. I was fine but my bike wasn't. My handlebar and front wheel were what I thought damaged beyond repair. I was fortunate enough to have Hitch there to assess the damages and he was able to fix it right after one of his races. Thank you brother!! I ride with him at least 3-4 times per week and whether it's riding indoors/outdoors or talking about bikes in general (considering I'm one of those covid folks who decided to buy a bike), I learn a great deal from him. There are only a few people I can trust and go to for my bike and he is one of them. Unlike LARGER bike shops, I am able to learn and see what he does to my bike. Prices are great and if you are like me that rides more than 3-4 times per week, I highly recommend his monthly service!! I would definitely recommend him to any one of my friends.